We make photovoltaic solar installations for homes, farms or any other facility that needs electricity and does not have the possibility for an easy connection to the electricity grid.

We analyze your consumption and propose you the best solution, even considering the possibility of using other renewable sources such as wind power.

Bear in mind that nowadays, given the decrease in costs the photovoltaic equipment has had, it is quite profitable to replace the gasoline or diesel generator with a photovoltaic installation.

Paneles solares
Paneles solares


If the house, office or facility is in an urban environment, connected to the normal electricity grid, it is possible to reduce the electricity bill by installing a photovoltaic solar installation.

For this it will be necessary to take into account the suitability of the roof or terrain to locate the installation, and the current and future electricity demand.

It is about covering part of the energy we consume from the electricity grid with the energy produced by the panels. This is what is usually called Solar Self-Consumption.

Solmenar Energía will help you in the whole process, from the preliminary study of your electrical consumption to the realization and start-up of your photovoltaic installation, including the detailed design of the installation that best suits your case and the realization of all the administrative procedures with the Administration and Electrical Company. We therefore provide a turnkey service, so you have nothing to worry about.


In agricultural environments it is often difficult to have a 220 or 400 V from the grid to connect an irrigation system or a water pumping system. Until now, gasoline or diesel generators have been used. But today you can put a photovoltaic solar energy system which investment is amortized in a short time, it doesn’t make noise and doesn’t contribute to the air pollution.


The purifiers of the pools consume a lot of electricity. Putting a photovoltaic installation to make them work has the advantage that can be operated during the day, in addition it reduces the electricity bill.


Sometimes we are not aware of the energy we consume until we see it reflected in a table or graph. This is the first step to save energy: to measure and show the consumption in a easy way. At Solmenar Energía we are convinced that we can save energy in many ways and without reducing our comfort level. Doing so we can reduce our CO2 footprint and collaborate in the reduction of climate change. In addition, the European Community is increasingly strict with the regulations related to energy saving and efficiency, so that everything we do now in this way is a journey we will have made when these regulations are fully imposed on our country.

Solmenar Energía can do the measurement and analysis of your energy consumption. Then we will show you in a simple way your consumption and what you can do to save energy.